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Companies of all sizes are switching their business Internet & phone systems to Ohio Data Solutions hosted VoIP & Data services. Why?


Because when you move to the Cloud, you’ve got 30+ built-in calling features enabling your business to do more and fast data connections. And thanks to the Business VoIP Revolution and offsite backups, features are hosted in the cloud instead of your closet. That’s just smart business, no matter what your size.


122 Miami St. (Front)

Urbana, Ohio 43078

Tel: 1-800-653-7605




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122 Miami st (Front) 

Urbana, OH 43078


Tel: 1-800-653-7605




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Champaign County Telephone Sales & Service LLC


Ohio Data Solutions Announces CCTSS LLC as Preferred Product Supplier.



Ohio Data Solutions leverage 4 Gigbit VOIP Backbone OH, PA, & AZ

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