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On Any Device

ALL-IN-ONE -> Business Phone Service allows instant access to Nationwide Calling, SMS, chat, video meetings, screen sharing, and contacts all included with your ODS - Phone Service.

Pair this with our proven easy to use

Polycom Business Phone Systems for a comprehensive service for your:

        1.) Onsite Workers

        2.) Remote Workers

        3.) Hybrid Workers

"Reimagine your Business Phone System with ODS - Business Phone & Hosted VOIP"

Polycom  -  Business Phone                                         System
Premise-based Phone System
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Up to 40% more costly than cloud-based, requiring cabling, hardware, and regular upgrades.

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Harder to scale, requiring thorough planning, and weeks or months to add or delete phone lines.

Cloud-based Phone Systems
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No hardware costs except the phones themselves; Most features and upgrades are included in cost.

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Scales to your needs as you grow; phone lines can be added or deleted quickly.

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Maintenance & Upgrades

Requires an IT specialist to manage, make changes, and install upgrades and new features.

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Maintenance & Upgrades

Other than phones, no maintenance required; upgrades happen automatically in the cloud.